Want to work in Jackson Hole, WY? Here are some tips for finding a cool job

Jackson Hole street

Finding the right seasonal job comes down to knowing what you love to do and are good at. And, in a place with a picturesque backdrop like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there are a host of seasonal jobs to choose from. Whether you’re up for the beautiful summer skies or prefer to work during the crisp, calm winters, your next seasonal job in Jackson Hole could be your most memorable one yet.

Here are the top five seasonal jobs you should explore in Jackson Hole, WY:

Lift operator (and other ski-season jobs). This is a popular winter, seasonal option, if you’re much more attracted to the cold weather. There are many ski resorts who need not only lift operators, but also ski instructors, tour guides, concierges and the like. The key is to find a resort that stays busy, so you can ensure you’ll get a nice sized check, even if it is for a few months out of the year.

Trail guide. If you’re the outdoors type and don’t mind taking others along with you for your adventurous treks, then being a trail guide could be a great fit. Whether you partner with an existing tour guide company or branch out to start your own offerings, many tourists to Jackson Hole, want to experience the great outdoors that this breathtaking destination can offer.

Recycling attendant in Grand Teton National Park. This may not sound like the most exciting job to choose from, BUT it has a large impact on the environment. As a recycling attendant you’ll be the gatekeeper of preserving the historic Grand Teton National Park. You’ll get to enjoy the hustle and bustle of tourists – meeting new people every day – and do your part in maintaining the beautiful lands for generations to come.

Camp counselor. With some of the best outdoor camps in the nation, Jackson Hole, WY has a number of summer camp options to work at. From fishing camps, to hiking camps, even mountain biking camps – whatever your preference is for the outdoors, there’s likely a camp you can work for.

Fly shop seasonal staff. A popular summer activity is fly fishing. With some of the most beautiful and fast-moving streams, Jackson Hole attracts avid fisherman who need to buy gear. That’s why even working part-time in a local fly shop can be a great way to spend a few hours each day in the summer.

Jackson Hole, WY is unlike many other places you’ll experience in the country. And, the wide variety of seasonal jobs you can choose from are a testament to that. If you’re up for a unique role, in a scenic area, then be sure to add working in Jackson Hole, WY to your bucket list!

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