10 reasons why you would love working as a camp counselor this summer

kids playing with counselor at summer camp

Working as a camp counselor is an ultimate summer job experience. You spend time with children who look up to you and foster lasting friendships with fellow staff members. It is genuinely that once-in-a-lifetime experience. And here are some other reasons why!

You get to be a role model for kids. When you take up a summer camp job as a counselor, you get to mentor children from all backgrounds. You’re a role model to kids of all ages, and you help them unlock their full potential. It’s a truly enriching experience.

You spend time outdoors. At a summer camp, you will feel like a big kid. You’re free to let go, lose your inhibitions, break from your routine and enjoy the outdoors. Counselors are virtually just adult campers who love spending time out of doors and in the wild.

Camp changes you. Summer camp experiences change you in so many ways. Apart from kids, you get to learn about yourself, too. You become a newer version of yourself. You develop new skills, gain confidence, advance your interpersonal abilities, develop leadership skills and have a sense of purpose.

You build great friendships. As you start your summer job with other like-minded people, live and work in the same environment, it helps you foster solid friendships. Some of your camp friends will be friends for life.

The bonds are lasting. Being a camp counselor is incredibly rewarding. You won’t be able to understand the impact you’ve created until the last day of the camp. But you’ll eventually realize how close you’ve grown to the other camp squad members.

You may have travel opportunities. Camping maximizes your chances to travel around the country. You explore some of the most beautiful locations, create unforgettable memories and grasp new knowledge. You won’t ever regret your summer camp experiences.

Gain valuable experience. Summer camp jobs boost your resume. You can proudly mention that not only did you survive working a summer job, but you thrived in the environment. Camp counselors, to be precise, are lifelong learners, great communicators, team players and creative thinkers.

You get to unplug for a moment. You are out there, in nature, away from the everyday hustle-bustle, with no connectivity. You experience the great outdoors, disconnect from technology, and get the chance to reconnect with everything else.

In short, being a camp counselor is the ultimate summer job. Forget working as cashier, mowing lawns or waiting tables – working as a camp counselor will be a memorable experience. Even better, work wouldn’t feel like work. You’d be paid to have fun, guide kids, and try new activities.

Regardless of the salary, summer camp jobs are priceless. When you work as a summer camp as a counselor, you will you walk away with lifetime memories. And in come cases, you’ll also get a handsome paycheck. If you are looking to work through your summer break, grab the opportunity and apply now.

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