Working in Alaska? Here are 10 great things you should experience there

Denali National Park lake

Alaska is truly special. It is famous for its rugged natural beauty, scenic views and warm and welcoming people. Not just that, Alaska has wide-open spaces, great local shops and restaurants, rail routes, highways, affectionate people, snowcapped mountains and so much more. You know it if you live or have a job in Alaska.

But while you are busy making a living, have you thought of witnessing the pristine wilderness, activities, food and attractions yourself? If you work in Alaska, it is a must to experience the state’s magnificence firsthand. So, here are 10 cool places to see in Alaska when you’re not working or can make time.

Visit Denali National Park. Sprawling across six million acres, Denali National Park and Preserve gives you a glimpse of the Big Five – bears, caribou, Dall sheep, moose and wolves. You can also stock up on souvenirs, explore exciting trails, take an ATV ride, trek further in and relish yummy food.

Go charter fishing. Charter fishing is probably one of Alaska’s most popular outdoor activities. You get to experience the charter life and catch your food yourself. It is a truly intimate and mesmerizing experience with knowledgeable captains in uncharted waters.

Explore Aurora Ice Museum. The Aurora Ice Museum offers an incredible experience where expert carvers exhibit one-of-a-kind ice sculptures inside a climate-controlled facility. Just take a stroll, and you’ll be in awe.

Hunt for the Northern Lights. Viewing the northern lights is a matter of luck but an ethereal and sought-after activity in Alaska. The state witnesses around 200 auroral appearances every year, so you can book a tour and be a spectator to a dreamy and terrific experience.

Enjoy the Kenai Fjords Tour. The Kenai fjords tours offer typical Alaskan dimensions, including dramatic cliffs, glistening glaciers, coastal rainforests, remote islands, thriving marine life and majestic fjords. So, hire a charter, sail through Resurrection Bay and witness an unforgettable experience.

What else?

  • See the famous and whimsical Dr. Seuss House AKA Goose Creek Tower, a 12-story architectural wonder made of stacked cabins.
  • Witness the large selection of underwater inhabitants at the Kodiak Lab Aquarium.
  • Anchorage Market is another great option for those wanting to go on a shopping spree over the weekend. It’s Alaska’s largest open-air market for shopping and local events.
  • Juneau Whale Watching from April to November is fascinating and a must on your “cool places to see in Alaska” list.  
  • The scenic railway of the world and the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad offer an adventure ride during a trip abroad.

Share your experience with others

Alaska feels like a one-way ticket. Besides, nobody’s accidentally in Alaska. You choose to be here and experience the pristine wilderness, interesting people, moose, grizzlies, whales and more crazy stuff that blows your mind.

Seward Highway, Chena Hot Springs, midnight sunsets, whale-watching, Alaskan railroads, the local brewing scene and glacier summits are just the highlights. There is a lot more to help you unwind.

You’ll come away with many interesting stories. Share them with your friends! Tell them what made it an only-in-Alaska experience that no one should miss.

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