Top 10 Unconventional Summer Jobs for College Students

college student works a remote summer job while in the park

Break away from the norm and make your summer memorable! Summer break offers a great window of opportunity for college students to gain valuable work experience, earn a fair wage, and have some fun along the way.

But why settle for a typical summer job when you could choose something unique and memorable? Here are 10 unconventional summer jobs for college students in 2023 that are guaranteed to give you some fun stories to share around the campfire.

These positions not only offer competitive pay, but also provide opportunities for personal growth and lasting memories.

Social Media Manager for Small Businesses

Small businesses are always looking for help in boosting their online presence. As a college student, it’s likely you’re naturally adept at navigating the world of social media.

Social media work for local businesses might entail managing their social media accounts, creating engaging content to share with and build followers, and interacting with customers to build trust and solve problems.

A job in social media might help you build content and creative chops as well as customer service and client experience that is bound to have value down the line. Plus, it’s typically a job you can do remotely, which means you might be able to work in with any travel plans or while spending time out in the sun.

Escape Room Game Master

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they need enthusiastic game masters to guide participants through the experience. A position like this would allow you to flex your creative muscles and develop problem-solving skills while working with customers and having a blast.

Bicycle Tour Guide

Becoming a bicycle tour guide is a fantastic way to spend your summer outdoors, meeting new people and sharing your love for your hometown. Tour guide jobs allow you to stay active, learn more about your area, connect and build your network within the community – sounds like a great way to spend the summer.

Virtual Reality Arcade Attendant

Virtual reality arcades are popping up all over the country, and they need friendly, tech-savvy attendants to help customers navigate their immersive experiences. This job is perfect for those who love gaming but also have the desire to work with people and build customer service skills.

Drone Photographer

No matter where you live, there’s bound to be high demand for aerial photography services from local businesses. Learn the basics of drone operation and offer your services to real estate agencies, event organizers, or even film projects. Be sure to familiarize yourself with licensing and regulations necessary to adhere to FAA regulations if you’re interested in pursuing this for commercial photography.

Pet Care Entrepreneur

Demand for pet care often increases in the summer as people travel and take vacations. A pet care business offering services such as dog walking, pet sitting, or even grooming is likely to have open positions, but it may also be something you can pursue individually if you build your own base of clients.

Sustainability Advocate

Join the fight against climate change by working as a sustainability advocate for a nonprofit or environmental organization. Educate others on eco-friendly practices, organize events, or help develop greener policies for your community. 

Outdoor Adventure Guide

Outdoor enthusiasts might be interested in leading adventure tours like white-water rafting, rock climbing, or backpacking. Share your passion for the outdoors while teaching others valuable survival and teamwork skills. If you like working with kids, summer camp jobs near you are likely to offer opportunities for nature lovers as well!

Food Truck Crew Member

Who doesn’t love food trucks? Join the crew of a local food truck and learn the ins and outs of the mobile food industry. Bonus: you’ll get to sample some amazing food!

Art Class Instructor

Talented for painters or those with a knack for drawing (or other creative pursuits) might find opportunities to teach art classes at a local community center or art studio. This job allows you to share your passion for creativity while inspiring others to find their inner artist.

This summer, don’t settle for an ordinary job. Start building experience that will stand out and skills that will come in handy no matter what your future ambitions might be. Find something you like to do, and get paid to do it! If you’re ready to look for these or other positions, browse summer jobs near you and see what open opportunities might be just an application and an interview away.