Thinking about a career in conservation? Consider a job in ecotourism!

ecotourism job in rainforest

Sustainable ecotourism plays an enormous role in environmental conservation work. It powerfully fosters a sense of environmental stewardship among travelers as well as industry professionals. Every year, the ecotourism industry employs people with diverse skills to keep taking the practice forward.

You don’t really need any extensive ecological expertise and switching careers can be a great option.  

Careers in ecotourism are about promoting environmentally-conscious travel opportunities. Vacationers enjoy nature, are away from the daily hustle-bustle, and participate in community conservation programs. As a working professional, you make all that easier for the tourists without drastically hurting the environment. If you’re a travel junkie with a passion for saving the environment, this might be the career path for you.  

Ecotourism’s contribution to conservation work

Ecotourism is the fastest-growing division of the tourism sector. It is less competitive than the field of conservation work, where finding a job can be pretty challenging. Besides, ecotourism career opportunities are an excellent way to invest in a sustainable future firsthand and become more proactive in the world of conservation in your unique ways.

The conservation impact of the ecotourism sector is immense and is indeed proven successful. Ecotourism has the potential to increase awareness, stimulate local economies, safeguard the integrity of sensitive ecosystems, and protect threatened biodiversity. It encourages all to ensure that nature remains alive and healthy rather than encouraging short-sighted exploitations.  

Ecotourism career opportunities

Ecotourism careers involve various roles and approaches that are different from conventional travel. You can find administrative positions and those related to ecotourism education, promotion, resource management, consulting, architecture, tour planning, tour guides, reservations, or photography. Related jobs attract all types of skills, expertise, and personalities. There is virtually no limit to the possibilities.

Eligibility criteria

Essentially, you require a bachelor’s degree in the relevant area. A master’s degree may be asked for if applying for more specialized jobs. Besides, you must have an interest in the conservation of the environment and possess previous experience in tourism or specific sectors (not for entry-level positions). Moreover, having demonstrable interests in particular areas proves advantageous.

At its core, ecotourism attempts to be a solution to over-tourism and makes the most negligible negative environmental impact. So, you must also have the will to live and work in a natural setting. Furthermore, the capability to work outdoors, in remote locations, and during irregular hours is necessary.  

Essential skill set

To be able to make it into an ecotourism and conservation job, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills are a must. What else?  

  • Good oral and written skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Time management  
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem-solving skills  
  • Dependability  
  • Physical stamina
  • Resourcefulness  
  • Local know-how  
  • Environmental knowledge

However, you must remember that the skills and eligibility requirements vary based on individual job openings.  

Getting a Job in ecotourism

If you have a thing for environmental protection and enjoy working outdoors, you can certainly consider a career in ecotourism and conservation work. To get started, track down companies you deem worthy and check out their vacancies. Apart from this, search for relevant positions on online job boards that list ecotourism and conservation job openings. At Cool Jobs, you can find some exciting opportunities. If it sounds interesting, check out our listings and apply now.