How to get paid for doing the things you love to do in the great outdoors

canoe guide at sunset

Who doesn’t like to get paid to do something that they love? As an adult, that’s the ultimate win-win scenario. And, with people often looking for cool outdoor adventures, there are a host of summer hobbies that make great summer jobs to earn some great cash. Here are the top 5 outdoor seasonal or expedition jobs you should explore this coming summer: 

Zipline instructor. If you have a love of heights and enjoy being in wilderness, zipping between trees, then becoming a zipline instructor could be a great choice. Not only will you get to meet lots of new and interesting people, but you’ll be able to treat people to an experience of a lifetime. 
Fishing lead. Are you an expert angler? Hosting fishing expeditions can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and turn it into a lucrative seasonal summer job. If you have a boating license you can even run your own fishing trips and attract higher paying customers who want a deep sea fishing experience. 
Hiking guide. If you’re a natural with navigating tough terrain and love to entertain people on long adventurous journeys, then becoming a hiking guide would be a great fit. Many times Boy Scout or Girl Scout troops may hire you or you can even have corporate companies pay you for your services during various outdoor retreats they may hold for their employees. 
Biking tour guide. What better way to explore the world than on two wheels? If you’re no stranger to the hills and backwoods of your area, you could host incredible biking expeditions. As more and more people flock to biking as a way to destress and stay active, you could organize various bike runs that people pay to experience. 
Triathlon training. This one may be a bit on the extreme end, but if you’re an experienced triathelte or runner, this could be a great way to not just introduce people to the sport but to make money on the side doing it! You may have to go get further personal training certifications, but it may be well worth it, especially if you live in an area with a high triathelete following. 

If you are an avid outdoorsman, and want to make a consistent stream of ‘side income’, then consider seeing how you can turn your seasonal hobby into a full fledged job. The goal is to compare what it is that you’re good at doing and what would the general public be interested in doing or paying for. 

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