Outdoor Adventure Jobs

The phrase “nature calls” doesn’t carry the same meaning for everyone. If you find yourself constantly drawn to the embrace of good ol’ mother nature, an outdoor adventure job might be the perfect fit for you. Being able to experience the great outdoors is a gift within itself; but why shouldn’t you get paid for it?

The outdoor employment industry is rapidly growing, with thousands of jobs that need to be filled by adventurous people. Whether you want to be on the water, in the woods, or out in the wild, more than likely there is a wonderful opportunity waiting that’s a perfect fit for you.

Maybe you’re an avid rock climber who wants to cultivate their craft while teaching others and seeing the joy it can bring to new climbers. Or you’re an accomplished trail guide who loves learning the lay of the land and sharing it with less experienced hikers. Either way, we can connect to you to a network of exciting new experiences with our list of outdoor adventure jobs.

From navigating cascading waterfalls to summiting snowy peaks, exploring underground caves to collecting soil samples, there are opportunities for you to find employment doing something you love. This is where wanderers find work.

 And remember, when you embark on your new job, leave no trace – except for the smiles on the faces of your clients and new coworkers.

Featured Outdoor Adventure Jobs


Tour Guide

Anchorage, Alaska

Experience the beauty of Anchorage, Alaska while you work!



Glendevey, Colorado

Ready to leave the ordinary behind and embark on daily thrilling adventures? This Colorado ranch awaits you.


Outdoor Instructor

Longbranch, Washington

Enjoy waterfront views of the Olympic Mountain Range in the beautiful Pacific Northwest while working with fun, caring, and adventurous co-workers.


Maintenance Manager

Marble Canyon, Arizona

Perform maintenance and repairs on boats, ensuring they meet safety and operational standards.


Program Director

Ely, Minnesota

We are looking for a proven leader for our Wilderness Adventure tours, someone who can build team culture and grow our programs.