Operations Manager – Beyul Retreat in Colorado

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  • Date Posted: October 26, 2023
  • Location: Meredith, Colorado 81642
  • Company: Beyul Retreat
  • Salary: $55,000
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: 3-5 years

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  • Meredith, Colorado 81642
  • $55,000

Beyul Retreat

Beyul Retreat, a backcountry adventure lodge meets wellness retreat, is now hiring for an Operations Manager position.

This is not your average hotel job, but so much more. Come live in community, deep in the wilderness, 1 hour from Aspen, Colorado with access to hiking, biking, and backcountry skiing right out your cabin door.

You’ll be responsible for supporting the management of the day-to-day operation of Beyul, including but not limited to the front desk, housekeeping, and property staff, while supporting the General Manager in providing overall leadership in Beyul’s continuing effort to deliver outstanding guest experience, badass events, and financial profitability. In the winter months, you will have 4-6 direct reports, while in the summer months, you may have up to 18 people on teams reporting to you.

We are looking for a team leader and a numbers wizard who is nimble and systems-minded, with a passion for human optimization, nature, and creative hospitality

The ideal candidate for the Operations Manager position is a dynamic orchestrator, with an innate talent for leading others, streamlining complex systems, and enhancing operational efficiency. As a leader, you possess the ability to inspire and unite a team and are adept at handling tough conversations and guiding them toward success with a harmonious blend of strategic direction and a collaborative spirit. Your boundless curiosity and unwavering enthusiasm drive you to explore new horizons, both within and beyond the scope of operations management. With a proven track record in similar roles, your wealth of experience seamlessly aligns with the distinctive demands of our organization.

But more than just a job, you are both in search of a community where you can wholeheartedly immerse yourself, embracing a unique blend of living and working harmoniously alongside like-minded individuals who share your values and aspirations. In addition to the tasks required at Beyul Retreat, there is also a communal aspect to this position, within work and lifestyle. Beyul Retreat has a small, committed team that requires strong social skills and emotional intelligence. We hope to find people who can work collaborative, iterate on procedures constantly, and communicate effectively in a wide variety of contexts.

Operations Manager Job Description:

Guest Experience and Front of House Management (30%)

– Conduct two to three front desk shifts weekly to ensure a hands-on understanding of guest interactions.
– Schedule and oversee the front desk and guest experience teams to ensure exceptional service and satisfaction for all guests.
– Maintain and improve standard operating procedures (SOPs) for front-of-house operations.
– Handle guest feedback and resolve any issues to ensure a positive experience.
– Act as “Manager on Duty” on a rotational basis, collaborating with other managers to oversee property operations, ensuring a seamless and secure work environment.
– Be scheduled for one to two on-call shifts each week, maintaining readiness to respond to work-related issues, emergencies, or requests. The Operations Manager will be reachable via radio for effective communication during on-call and other scheduled shifts.
– Oversee laundry and cleaning operations, and personally support cleaning staff as needed to maintain the property’s high standards of cleanliness and organization.

Budget Oversight and Resource Allocation (20%)
– Oversee and execute the biweekly payroll process for all employees, ensuring timely and accurate compensation.
– Manage accounts payable for contractors, including cleaning, maintenance, and event contractors, while upholding financial accountability and vendor relationships.
– Oversee the Guest Experience team to facilitate the month-end closing process, maintaining financial accuracy and compliance.
– Work closely with the GM to develop and manage the operations budget.
– Allocate resources effectively to meet operational goals while maintaining financial sustainability.
– Monitor expenses and implement cost-saving measures where applicable.

Leadership and Team Management (15%)
– Provide strong leadership and guidance to the Operations team, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.
– Conduct regular team meetings, performance evaluations, and professional development sessions.
– Oversee with the Property and Events teams to ensure seamless coordination between functions.

Events Coordination and Service (20%)
– Oversee the Events team to ensure flawless execution of events, including weddings, corporate offsites, and retreats.
– Coordinate front-of-house, back-of-house, and the property team to provide seamless service during events.
– Conduct post-event debriefs to gather feedback and make necessary improvements.

Kitchen and Food & Beverage Management (5%)
– Oversee the Kitchen team to ensure high-quality culinary offerings for guests and events.
– Work with the Kitchen team to develop menus, manage inventory, and control costs.
– Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations in the kitchen.

Strategic Planning and Execution (5%)
– Implement strategic plans for operations, guest experience, and events and provide updates to the Executive team.
– Identify areas for improvement and implement initiatives to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
– Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to operations and implement corrective actions as needed.

Property Maintenance and Equipment (5%)
– Learn from the Property team what is required to oversee the maintenance of physical assets, including buildings, landscaping, and equipment.
– Implement preventive maintenance programs to prolong the life of property assets.
– Manage any necessary renovations or repairs in coordination with the Property team.
– Manage the day-to-day tasks by setting priorities and problem-solving with the Property team, interfacing with other functions as required.

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