Camp Specialist in Maine

Job Details

  • Date Posted: January 18, 2022
  • Location: , Rome, Maine
  • Company: Pine Tree Camp
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $4,000 / season
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: No experience required

Company Contact

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (207) 386-5992
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  • , Rome, Maine
  • $4,000 / season

Pine Tree Camp

Do the following phrases describe you?

*Enjoys spending time outside recreating with people from diverse backgrounds and different abilities.

*Is a team player and enjoys the variety of ways leadership can look day to day.

*An excellent communicator that can adapt that communication to the needs of the person they’re communicating with.

*Has a passion for working with people with different abilities, both children and adults.

*Looking for opportunities to grow professional skills in an environment that is fun, challenging, engaging and with an established history and alumni network.

*Is a “swiss army knife” of a person that can start the day helping someone get dressed, end the day wearing a costume and paddling a canoe in a race while having run or helped run a variety of different fun and innovated summer camp programs throughout that same day.

*Is still reading and wants to learn more about what position could possibly hold all of that in store for them!

About Pine Tree Camp and Why We’re Hiring

Pine Tree Camp is a year-round accessible recreation facility in central Maine that offers a variety of program opportunities for adults and children with different abilities. We are entering into our 77th summer of consistently meeting the needs of our community and can’t do so without the incredible staff that sign on every year for the summer of their lifetimes. While we are year-round, the bulk of our programming happens June-August.

What We Do

We recognize the privilege of the space we hold in the world and strive to provide meaningful and fun outdoor recreation for everyone. While camp is fun, it is what happens during that fun that we make our greatest impact. We want our camper’s self-confidence to grow, to try new things, make new friends and connections that extend beyond the world of camp, have an increased appreciation of nature and the ability to take ownership in the space that has been created around them. All in all, camp is more than “just” camp, it is about expanding access both here on campus and beyond.

What We Pay

Summer stipends will start at $4,000 for your time commitment from May 31st/June 5th to July 31st. It will be hourly pay for any time put in before or after the season. We have work throughout the month of August. You will have blocks of time off throughout the summer and the opportunity for more earning potential. That can come for working during our various partnership programs and coming on before and/or after the season transitions, and for any certifications acquired before the season starts. A detailed schedule will be provided before an interview for you to look at. Housing is provided while you ‘re here and all meals while you are here on camp. You also have access to all of our facilities so you can enjoy your summer while you ‘re here.

How We Work

We work hard. We have fun. We train hard to give you all of the skills you’ll need to be successful not just during the time that you’re here, but to use those skills in whatever you decide to do after camp. We work together as a team to ensure the success of our campers experience and our team. We operate in cabin teams. That team consists of a Unit Leader and 3-5 other Camp Specialists such as yourselves. The leadership team around you to ensure your success and to be your support are your Specialist Supervisors, Assistant Directors, Camp Relations Coordinator (you’ll want to get to know her, she holds the candy), our Facilities team, and our Camp Director. Everyone on campus want to see each other not just survive, but to THRIVE in what we’re doing. We work crazy hours and enjoy our days off. You live inside the cabin with your team in a space that is your own and that is designed to ensure the safety of our campers each and every session.

What I’ll Be Doing, Day to Day

You start your day assisting campers with any personal care that may be needed such as toileting, dressing, brushing hair or teeth etc in a way that fosters independence. You do this after a full 8 days of training and on-going summer training and the assistance of your cabin team. From there, we eat breakfast all together before we just into a full day of activities in our numerous program areas. This may look like you helping to engage campers in activities, leading the activities yourself, or assisting a program specialist in a variety of ways. We then head into our morning free swim period where you may be assigned to swim with a camper, dock duty, or roam duty. After free swim, you’ll head back to the cabin to change with your campers and team and then head up to lunch where we once again eat as a full camp. It’s then time for rest hour where you’ll either be on duty or have the hour off to enjoy whatever form of self-care you enjoy. You can relax, go for a run, enjoy a bike ride on the trails, do some crafts, listen to music etc. Now it’s time for afternoon activity period, another free swim, and some time to prepare for dinner. Then, we end the day as a full camp during an evening activity that could be a dance, talent, show, night swim, scavenger hunt, listening to a band, and so much more. After this, you’ll assist your team in getting campers ready for bed and then either have some time off for the night or be on duty. Duties vary day to day to ensure that everyone has time to refill their cup.

What Are the Requirements?

Because you will live here on camp, we ask that you’re 18 years of age and older. Other than that, all that require is a passion and willingness to come into our space to learn, grow, lead and work with our campers in a way that ensures they’re having the best experience possible rain or shine. We’ll provide the tools for you to put into action.