Aviation Workers (Counter, Freight, Ramp) in Alaska

Job Details

  • Date Posted: November 30, 2021
  • Location: , Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Company: Work Arctic
  • Job Type: Seasonal
  • Housing Offered: Yes

Company Contact

  • , Fairbanks, Alaska

Work Arctic

Gain experience in the aviation industry in Alaska – a land where the presence of aviation is robust, diverse, and deeply-woven into the everyday fabric of Alaska life to such a degree that many consider it to be the aviation center of the world and from your work/life base in Fairbanks, take advantage of the opportunity to experience all of Alaska’s Arctic –winter aurora season provides you with a front row seat for Nature’s most impressive light show directly under the Auroral Oval, a geographic region offering aurora borealis viewing opportunities unrivaled anywhere on earth – by mid-April, the return of the sun ushers in summer “midnight sun” season, allowing for 24/7 exploration of an amazing Arctic wilderness during sun-drenched days and white nights fueled by the midnight sun.

With the month of November upon us, the long daylight hours of arctic summer are now fully in the rearview mirror –September 21st, the fall equinox, marked the beginning of the transition from summer to winter season at Wright Air – thus, we are now hiring for counter, freight, and ramp positions for the 2021-22 winter “aurora” season – ideally, a successful candidate will be available to begin work in the late-October to early-December 2021 timeframe and be able to work thru 31 May 2022 [or beyond]. ˆf 4+ months of winter aurora season aviation work in Alaska’s Arctic sounds intriguing and exciting to you, please read on .

We are currently hiring for the following Wright Air winter season positions:

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