The ultimate packing guide to prepare for your next seasonal job adventure

packing for seasonal job

You’ve worked your way through your next adventure job application process. You aced the interview, received the job offer, and now comes the exciting part – getting there! But don’t go all bonkers and start stuffing your shopping carts. Stop right there, take a deep breath, and check out this packing checklist, so your outdoor job experience feels like a breeze.  

Adventure jobs allow you to live, work and explore some of the country’s most beautiful and exciting locations. All of these life-changing experiences while making good cash and life-long friendships. But since these are far from conventional jobs, navigating the details can be challenging.

Don’t fret. Here we list the things you’d need to pack for your seasonal job: 

  • Skin and hair essentials  
  • Camera to capture the panoramic views 
  • Packable journal to write about your experiences 
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Wide-brimmed sun-blocking hat to protect your face  
  • An e-reader and games for entertainment  
  • Portable speakers 
  • Watch with date, time and alarm settings 
  • Outdoor power strip 
  • Spare batteries 
  • Any hobby equipment  
  • Recreational equipment 
  • Basic cookware 
  • Refillable bottles 
  • Slow cooker 
  • Your fave snacks 
  • Linens, pillows and towels 
  • Toiletries or your bathroom-in-a-bag 
  • Wet wipes and other hygiene supplies 
  • First aid kit 
  • Prescription medicines  
  • Insect repellants and nets 
  • Multi-tool  
  • Patch kits 
  • Trash bags 
  • Off-duty (casual) clothing  
  • Swimwear
  • Rain gear  
  • A few pairs of socks 
  • Sturdy footwear (boots/shoes) 
  • Sandals or sneakers  
  • A good wallet with cash  

While this might not be an exhaustive list, you can modify the items to suit individual situations.  

Some tips while working your outdoor job 

It takes a lot of muscle, smart work, and a bit of experience to work a seasonal job. Since you’d be spending time close to nature, here are some tips to help you sail through easily: 

  • Stay hydrated always. 
  • Keep yourself organized and alert. 
  • Watch out for any symptoms of dehydration. 
  • Enjoy caffeine in moderation. 
  • Take breaks whenever you can. 
  • Choose your clothes, shoes, and other gear based on your daily activities. 
  • Please don’t neglect your headwear, be it summers or winters. 
  • During a winter season job, layer up properly to stay warm and comfortable. 
  • While at a summer job, use sunscreen, keep your body dry and wear season-specific clothing. 
  • Keep a watch over your diet – you won’t want to end up with an upset stomach on your way to a hiking tour.

To conclude

So there you have it – a quick packing guide for your next seasonal job. You can edit, revise and modify the list for your specific job position, location, and accommodation. But make sure you also check with your employer on what you’d need and will be allowed to take. Every bit of space counts when you are outdoors. So, remember that “less is more,” and you’ll be just fine.  

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