The housekeeper’s handbook: Follow these dos and don’ts like a real pro

housekeeper makes hotel bed

When people enter a hotel room, it instantly becomes their home away from home. They want to have all the luxuries they do at home, with the added pampering that going traveling can provide. That’s why it’s important for hotel housekeepers to take extra care to give exceptional service when they clean the hotel rooms of guests. Here are the must-follow rules of etiquette for hotel housekeeping jobs: 

Don’t move items around. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find what you need. It can be tempting to reorganize items on a bed or left on a dresser, but it’s always important to leave items where and how you found them. Sure, you may need to move clothes off of the bed to redo the bedding, but be sure to replace it back when you’re finished. 
Clean up after yourself. The hotel – after cleaning it – should be in pristine condition when you leave. Mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies should all be out of sight. If you are working with a cleaning crew, be sure to take the time to check behind them to ensure that nothing is out of place. 
Be respectful of timing. In many cases, as a hotel housekeeper you likely have certain hours that you work. Be mindful that guests may be asleep, even if your round begins at 8am. It can be frustrating (and awkward) to have housekeeping knock and abruptly enter a room when you’re asleep. If at all possible, try to delay any cleaning until after 10 a.m. when most guests are likely awake. 
Safeguard valuable items. Hotels are not responsible for the lost or theft of items left in guests’ rooms. However, as the hotel housekeeper who would have direct access to clean someone’s room when they are not there. By all means, you should never go through their items. This is also why you want to ensure that anything moved is put back in place to avoid any misunderstanding that an item may have been taken. 

If you’re in the market for a hotel housekeeper job, make sure you’re following these cleaning etiquette rules. The quality of your cleaning job will go a long way in enhancing the level of service the hotel provides. And, in many cases, it’s not uncommon for guests to give generous cash tips to housekeepers that go above and beyond the call of duty. 

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