If you’re bilingual, here are some cool jobs that may be perfect for you

flags representing many spoken languages

In the United States, nearly 25% of the population speaks more than one language. This opens up the opportunity for bilingual speakers to command top dollar for a number of different positions. Here are a host of jobs that are actively seeking bilingual speakers: 

Tour guides. In large metropolitan hubs that attract international travelers such as Washington DC, San Francisco CA, New York City, or Miami, FL there are a large need for bilingual tour guides. This gives you the unique chance to travel and introduce people to the sights and sounds of your city. 
Education advocate. Many non-English speaking families, particularly those within public school systems, often need help navigating the educational system. Whether it is translating during parent-teacher conferences, offering bilingual services at PTA meetings, or creating bilingual worksheets or flyers for families – there are plenty of ways that bilingual advocates can help improve the educational experience of millions of students. 
Medical call centers. Whether it is for a fast-growing medical call center or for a hospital system, bilingual speakers can help non-English speaking patients receive better care. You may be pulled in to serve as an impromptu translator or may be specifically assigned to non-English speaking patients, but there is no shortage of the demand in the medical field, particularly for Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese speakers.  
Foreign language tutor. High school students are often required to take 2-3 years of a foreign language. What better way to cash in on your bilingualism than to be a part-time foreign language tutor? Depending on your area and the skills needed by the student, language tutors often can charge anywhere from $30 to $70/hour. 
Babysitter. A growing number of Millennial parents are looking for creative ways for their children to learn a second language. Many parents are turning to bilingual babysitters as a way to get their children even more exposure to a second (or third) language every day. Not only will parents enjoy the traditional perks of having a babysitter, but with a bilingual babysitter now they can add in a language benefit into the mix. 

This is just the tip of the bilingual iceberg! You can be as creative as you’d like with leveraging your foreign language skills. No matter if it is in the medical field, education, or in tourism – the sky’s the limit when it comes to cashing in on your language skills!