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Traveling Trail Builder

Job Details

  • Date Posted: December 14, 2021
  • Location: , Traveling (mostly Midwest)
  • Company: Dirt Artisans
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: Starting pay is $18/hour. Higher for experience, CDL certification & CMV driver responsibilities
  • Housing Offered: Yes

Company Contact

  • Website:
  • Phone: 513-484-3164

To apply: Please send your resume to [email protected]

  • , Traveling (mostly Midwest)
  • Starting pay is $18/hour. Higher for experience, CDL certification & CMV driver responsibilities

Dirt Artisans

Dirt Artisans Trail Company designs, builds and maintains natural surface trails for hiking, trail running and off-road cycling along with accessible paths in several states across the nation. The Trail Builder-Hand Finisher works behind the machines to remove foliage using a handsaw, axe or chainsaw; clip roots/branches; use a rake, hoe or shovel to smooth out and shape the trail for proper drainage; create rock armoring or bridge building in wet areas; finalize the trail by using a backpack leaf blower, tamper and operate equipment to haul supplies into the worksite including a utility vehicle (UTV) and CanyCom (mini-hauler).

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Be able to travel and live away from home for extended periods of time.
  • Physically fit, strong, agile and dexterous.
  • Enjoy working outdoors in forests or fields and be prepared for weather changes.
  • Mindful and comfortable in nature, including wildlife and terrain with possible exposure to ticks, noxious weeds and steep side slopes.
  • Possess good stamina to be able to hike into the worksite, pick up, carry and use equipment/tools/rocks, capable to stand and perform repetitive tasks for extended periods of time and work an average of 8-10 hours/day.
  • Safely operate and maintain hand tools, such as an axe, rake, hoe, shovel, handsaw, hammer and loppers.
  • Capable of learning to safely use power tools, such as a drill, chainsaw and backpack leaf blower along with operating machines including a UTV, CanyCom mini hauler and tamper.
  • Observe and follow OSHA & company policies, safety rules and regulations


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Comply with work eligibility guidelines by completing the required I-9 form upon hire.
  • Maintain proof of a valid Driver’s License, acceptable motor vehicle record and own transportation to the jobsite locations.
  • Provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination and booster records and capable to follow ongoing and updated health and safety guidelines within the communities we travel through, live and work.
  • Experience is not essential: we will train motivated applicants; you will need to learn new skills and show consistent improvement upon those skills to safely operate tools, equipment and complete job tasks correctly and efficiently.
  • Able to follow instructions, safety guidelines, work with others and communicate well.
  • Good stamina and physical health are required.

Salary and Benefits

  • Hourly, based on experience with a minimum base pay of $18/hour.
  • Higher pay for CDL and DOT/FMCSA driving responsibilities.
  • Work housing provided.
  • Health insurance available for full-time employees.

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To apply: Please send your resume to [email protected]