Summer Camp Counselor

Job Details

  • Date Posted: April 29, 2023
  • Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • Company: LINX Camps
  • Salary: $15.25 - $23.00 an hour
  • Housing Offered: $15.25 - $23.00 an hour

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  • Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • $15.25 - $23.00 an hour

LINX Camps

Join our energetic, fun-loving team of counselors, coaches, nurses, camper care specialists, and operations members who create the experiences, learning opportunities, friendships, and excitement that make LINX Camps the premier camp of the MetroWest area. With many different programs to choose from, all united under the name LINX Camps, campers and staff have a wide variety of interests and activities to choose from. With a year-round leadership team, LINX Camps team members find a supportive, responsive culture that helps them develop life-long skills and advances their professional development in significant ways, all while having an unforgettable summer.