Server in Priest Lake, ID

Job Details

  • Date Posted: October 22, 2022
  • Location: Priest Lake, Idaho
  • Salary: $8 / hour + tips
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: Previous experience required

Company Contact

  • Priest Lake, Idaho
  • $8 / hour + tips

If you’re a dynamite multitasking server who is looking to work hard but simultaneously hunker down in the off-season, then I have the job for you! 

The serving position consists of all the usual serving tasks. I am militant in the order of operations as I have high expectations for the quality level of service provided. I and my manager are ever present and assisting. Appetizer plates, condiments, and silverware are all expected to be in place prior to food arrival. I expect you to efficiently work your section as a whole, consistently bussing, maintaining drinks, and creating relationships. I will train you exactly as I expect. We are a booming summer restaurant but in the off-season, we have just our inside space open (80 seats) and we run with two servers most nights and a bartender or two pending business levels. Servers can still expect to make $150+/shift and usually quite a bit more.

The position available is 4ish days a week and like all serving gigs, you are financially playing the long game as there can be good days and bad days.

Housing is available directly behind the restaurant in brand-new condos. Each is 3 bedrooms with its own individual bathrooms and rent is $550/month which includes all amenities (Internet is available here but sketchy so don’t come here expecting to be attached to the outer world). Do know that the winters here are colder and darker based on our location. Our ideal candidate would be bringing their own car so they have freedom of mobility and would be someone who is content with winters and a slower-paced off-season. There is snowshoeing and cross-country skiing available nearby, but “activities” and big city life are far from available during the winters. On the flip side of that in the spring there are endless outdoor opportunities up here and we explode from a small 80-seat restaurant to 250 plus seats with live music, an outdoor bar, our door patio and deck, pickleball, and volleyball.

So…if this sounds remotely intriguing then send me your application! Don’t be running from any weird sketchy past, this isn’t the place for that. If you have a drinking problem this also isn’t the place for you…there isn’t much else to do, and this place can be a vortex if that is your kryptonite.

I am looking to fill this position sooner than later so if this seems like a good fit and you have a killer personality shoot your resume my direction or fill out an application online at www.milliespriestlake.

Do your homework – check out the menu, and make sure this remote area is of actual and realistic interest to you so that we both get what we need. I look forward to chatting with you!