Front Desk Clerk

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  • Date Posted: July 31, 2023
  • Location: Huntersville, North Carolina 28078
  • Company: Daly Seven Inc

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  • Huntersville, North Carolina 28078

Daly Seven Inc

Front Desk Associate Job Description

The job description for this position is only a general summary of the duties a desk clerk is to perform. Other duties, which are not listed, may be required from time to time.

General Job Description

  • Be ready to begin work at the specified time and remain at assigned post for extended periods of time unless redirected by management.
  • Greet guests; check them in and out with friendliness, speed and accuracy. Acknowledge and greet everyone who enters and leaves the facility.
  • Maintain all paper work as required by your shift. Initial and date when applicable
  • Check registration cards for completeness, accuracy, and legibility
  • Maintain accuracy in handling cash. Responsible for cash drawer and balancing shift report. Know how to handle money and make change correctly
  • Operate switchboard and transfer calls as required by shift. Take guest messages with accuracy. Always note time and date of message as well as the caller?s name. Turn on message light to ensure guest receives message if message center not working
  • Keep all business confidential on and off duty
  • Know room rates, locations, and furnishings of all rooms
  • Know physical make-up of building ? interior and exterior
  • Be ready and willing to show prospective guests a room when the manager or other staff is in the hotel to cover the desk. If desk clerk is alone, give key to prospective guest to view the room
  • Lock and secure the desk area at any time when required to leave the desk area.
  • Do all daily reports, statements, correspondence, etc., as dictated by your manager
  • Set wake-up calls as dictated by your shift and write time on the wake-up sheet if applicable
  • Promote membership in the franchise?s membership club
  • Help secure lodging for guest by referrals when hotel is full
  • Know what attractions, restaurants, and events are available. Be familiar with the specific publications and maps for providing directions.
  • Be polite and present a friendly and caring image
  • Take and record reservations with accuracy, confirm as requested. When a guest checks out, inquire if you can be of help to them in making lodging reservations for another Daly Seven property.
  • Check credit cards and guaranteed reservations for validity and acceptability
  • Know status of reservations on a daily and future basis
  • Be able to handle guest complaints
  • Know emergency procedures and how to respond. Be familiar with the fire system and how to shut if off if there is a false alarm
  • Each employee is part of the hotel security team and is responsible for reporting any potential hazards to the management and should investigate in the absence of the manager any alleged injuries, which occur on the premises. An Incident Report (guests) or Accident Report (for employee injury) should be completed. Show concern and consideration for the guest, but never acknowledge responsibility. Know where gas, electric, water cut off, and breakers are located. Know location of emergency lights.
  • Prepare room status reports and maid sheets when working night shift and coordinate with the manager on the day shift for accurate availability
  • Each shift must keep lobby and office area clean at all times
  • Know the computer operations including procedures for shut down when necessaryDesk clerks should know how to set up and maintain continental breakfast as well as how to make coffee properly
  • Know the location of the ADA box and how to use it
  • Complete Call Back Sheet and file
  • Complete Room Availability form
  • Complete Comment Log for your shift
  • Complete Shift Verification Form
  • Know that computer equipment may not be used for personal use
  • Cell Phones and other types Social Media are not to be used during work time
  • Desk Clerk must be able to lift 30 pounds, stand for long periods of time, bend, stoop, and go up and down stairs. Employee is required to seek assistance if unable to lift or move an item over 30 pounds.
  • All other duties as assigned