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  • Date Posted: April 2, 2023
  • Company: Norfolk County Agricultural High School
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Norfolk County Agricultural High School

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Oversees the operation of the cafeteria to ensure compliance with State sanitation codes, provides nutritional school meals that are in compliance with Federal and State Programs and is responsible for a safe, efficient and productive environment. Plan and supervise as well as assist in the preparation, baking, cooking, serving, and clean up of meals in the school cafeteria. EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: 1.Responsible for the efficient and productive operation of the cafeteria to include scheduling, employee relations and proper delegation of duties and responsibilities of the cafeteria staff. 2.

Supervise, direct and coordinate the work of all permanent, part-time and temporary help assigned to the cafeteria. 3. Initiate work orders, purchase orders, bid specifications, and budgetary procedures for services, supplies, materials and equipment required in the kitchen and cafeteria.4.Interviews, screens and recommends appointment of all cafeteria personnel.5.Responsible for overall cleanliness, safety, proper food handling, proper food storage and compliance to State Sanitation Codes.6.Supervises and instructs kitchen personnel in the safe, proper and efficient use of all kitchen equipment.7.Coordinates and oversees all stock related to the school lunch program, including the collection of delivery slips and the maintaining of a correct monthly inventory.8.Consults, as needed, with the Director on any subject dealing with the kitchen or cafeteria.9.Arranges and coordinates substitutes in order to maintain an efficient and effective number of personnel daily.10.Responsible for providing offerings to students that meet or exceed nutritional guidelines as set forth by the Federal School Lunch Program.11.Plans, supervises, prepares and distributes school lunch menus at least two weeks in advance.12.Assists cooks through demonstrations, suggestions and by actually working with all cooks in the preparation and serving of all menus.13.Inspects weekly the lunch facility and operations to insure that local, State and Federal standards of diet, health, cleanliness and safety are being maintained.14.Standardizes types and size of portion served as related to Type A lunches.15.Responsible for financial operation of the cafeteria to include cash receipts, use of Federal Commodities Program, use and monitoring of vendors, inventory control and proper management of food production.16.Makes application for commodity surplus food for school cafeteria use and directs its distribution.17.Assists in cafeteria accounting coordination including: a.The collection and recording of all lunch money daily.b.Depositing receipts periodically in the bank.18.Responsible for documentation required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Federal regulations for the proper operation of the cafeteria including those as required by the school administration.19.Provide occasional meals to special groups.20.Participates in Farm to School programming, school garden activities, cafeteria taste tests and other food education initiatives in collaboration with teachers and administrators. 21.Coordinate vacation and personal leave schedules.

22.Perform other work assignments as directed.