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Unit Counselor in Payson, Arizona

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  • Date Posted: July 23, 2022
  • Location: Payson, Arizona
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: No experience required

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  • Payson, Arizona

General Reports To:  Unit Leader

Works directly with campers, ensuring active involvement of campers in program planning and participation.


  • Ensure the active involvement of the unit’s campers in the overall camp program through the use of the patrol system, girl planning input, and interest groups.
  • Participate in and contribute to the planning of unit and All Camp activities.
  • Assume responsibilities for unit program activities as delegated by the Unit Leader.
  • Supervise all assigned aspects of the campers’ day including morning wake-up, cabin clean-up, unit program, meal times, rest hour, evening activities, getting ready for bed and after-hours duty.
  • Provide assistance to the Unit Leader as requested including acting in her/his absence.
  • Participate in pre and post-camp inventory and general clean-up as assigned.
  • Develop cabin or unit activity plans with campers as appropriate.
  • Guide cabin, unit, patrols and individual girls in successful participation in all aspects of camp activities.
  • Instruct campers in established emergency procedures such as fire drills, evacuating the cabin, etc.
  • Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem-solving within the camper group.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned.

Requirements and Qualifications

Essential FunctionS

  • Ability to communicate and work with campers of varying age and skill levels, and provide necessary instructions to campers.
  • Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to camper supervision.
  • Ability to observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior management techniques.
  • Possess strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of campers.
  • Minimum 18 years of age.

Desired Qualifications—

  • Desire and ability to teach, work and relate successfully with children.
  • Training and experience in the supervision of children and/or child development.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Ability to function as part of a camp staff team.
  • Ability to learn and willingness to develop skills in a variety of program activities.
  • Ability to think and act calmly in a crisis.
  • Demonstrated maturity, sound judgment, integrity and flexibility.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self-control.
  • Current First Aid and CPR certification.