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Sea Kayak Guide in Ketchikan, Alaska

Job Details

  • Date Posted: April 6, 2022
  • Location: Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Company: Southeast Sea Kayaks
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $18 / hour + tips
  • Housing Offered: No
  • Experience: Some experience needed

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Southeast Sea Kayaks is dedicated to providing exceptional sea kayaking tours to visitors to Ketchikan, Alaska. Our team is the biggest part of creating an incredible experience for guests.

Sea kayak guides will lead tours at Orcas Cove. Up to 6 guests will board our fast boat in downtown Ketchikan, Alaska and run about 20 minutes south of town with our boat captain to meet you, their sea kayak guide, aboard our 57′ catamaran. Being a sea kayak guide is the best way to connect with guests in an intimate, wildlife setting. With a max of 6 guests and hosting visitors completely off of the road system, you’re guaranteed to love being out on the water guiding all season long.

Both the Sea Kayak Guide and the onboard tour host work together to make sure the whole experience, from greeting and gearing up guests, to paddling the Pacific Ocean shoreline in search of marine wildlife, to the snacks and beverages provided onboard the catamaran after kayaking are all a fun, memorable experience! Tours often start at 8:00 am and are finished by 3:00 pm or sometimes 6:00 pm, but the schedule can vary due to the day and cruise ship schedules. Starting pay with us is $18.00/hour plus tips. Seeking full-time and part-time guides.