Rooms Coordinator

Job Details

  • Date Posted: September 13, 2023
  • Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
  • Company: Westgate Resorts

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  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Westgate Resorts

Job Description

Assist housekeeping management staff in assigning daily operational duties and communications for the housekeeping department by performing the following duties.


  • Answer phones following proper etiquette guidelines
  • Provide Welcome Center and Front Desk with daily inventory of units needed for check in
  • Process all rooms, housekeeping service and clean rooms report
  • Maintains the filing and copying of documents
  • Maintain update of room status by color coding the property grid and changing status in HotSos and Fusin
  • Maintain communication with Front Desk to receive information regarding: Inventory of units needed for the day, VIP units needed for the day and cleaning services needed for the day
  • Maintain communication with Housekeeping Managers and Supervisors regarding the following: Unexpected checkouts, VIP arrivals and cleaning services, Pre-registered rooms, Update on clean rooms every hour, Status of owner units (all owner units must be ready no later than 2:00 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), have units ready for Welcome Center (status 9)
  • Maintain adequate inventory of clean units for Front Desk
  • Assign units to be cleaned for the following business day
  • Assign daily cleaning services to include mid-weeks, piece work for property cleaning teams
  • Maintain daily totals of units cleaned and/or serviced by Housekeeping Department and/or Outside contractors