Rafting Guide Supervisor at Horseshoe Bend, AZ

Job Details

  • Date Posted: February 17, 2022
  • Location: Page, Arizona
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: Some experience required

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  • Page, Arizona

At Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas, our mission is to deliver experiences that enrich and nourish the lives of all of our guests and employees. To accomplish this, we need you as part of our team!

On your days off enjoy relaxing on the beach, playing in the lake, exploring the mystical canyons of Lake Powell, and taking advantage of our free employee boat rentals(you only pay for fuel). We are in the center of the Grand Circle at Lake Powell, you are only a few hours away from a list of other National Parks. There are 96 major canyons, some of which are 15 to 20 miles in length. It’s no wonder Lake Powell is a national recreational destination of choice.

Position Summary: Guide Supervisor is responsible for managing, designing, developing, coordinating all training programs. Guide Supervisor responsibilities include communicating with managers to identify training needs and creating development plans for teams and individuals. Guide Supervisor will ensure the Guide Team is providing accurate and full information on all points of the river between Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry. Guide Supervisor will monitor Guides on delivery of interpretation and boat handling. Guide Supervisor conducts and documents observations of team pertaining to interpretation, boat handling, guest service skills, and emergency response drills. Guide Supervisor oversees daily river operations and ensures the team is knowledgeable and strives to deliver service excellence. Guide Supervisor is also involved in our social media posts, scheduling, maintenance, coaching employees, and fills in as manager on duty when needed.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the training and development of all river-based crew of WRA in Glen Canyon. Performs guided trips on a weekly basis to conduct audits, training, and observations. Performs and is knowledgeable of all guide duties.
  • Onboard all new/returning Horseshoe Bend Rafting staff on department-specific policies and procedures. Develop interpretation program and ensure adherence.
  • Organize all employee-related documents and ensure employees have up-to-date certifications.
  • Assist Director of Operations with Quality Assurance. Record all guide audits, safe observations, training/certifications, and performance for all Horseshoe Bend Rafting team members.
  • Resolve NPS Interpretative concerns in conjunction with the GM and Director.
  • Coach and praise staff using the Achievers program
  • Respond to complaints and issues in a timely manner ensuring a satisfactory resolution.
  • Develop and maintain strong positive client relationships.
  • Provide assistance and support to river-based teams.
  • Re-evaluate and inspect operations with the management team and implement necessary changes.
  • Carry out Aramark’s Mission, Values, and Safety initiatives
  • Adhere to Aramark policies and procedures.
  • Able to work in highly stressful situations and be able to make the correct decisions when needed.
  • Ensure guide compliance with WRA’s Operations Manual and the NPS Commercial Operating Requirements (CORs).
  • Assist Director of Operations with compliance on WRA Risk Management Plan
  • Assist Director of Operations with compliance on WRA Environmental Management Plan
  • Monitor the condition of all equipment and supplies. Assist Mechanic in maintaining safe, professionally equipped boats and ample quantities of repair supplies.
  • Assist Director of Operations in revenue-generating initiatives.
  • Create and refine SOPs for guides, bus drivers, and Front Desk agents.
  • Create a system to track interpretive feedback from guides and implement necessary changes/updates.
  • Support and implement environmental committee initiatives.
  • Ensure satisfactory quarterly and annual NPS inspections.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.