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Wendy G.

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September 18, 2020
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

We own carnival games but the show we book on is shut down because Covid. We grabbed a couple retail jobs, Walmart and McDs, to get us by but our landlord just sold our apartment building. It's a dump, not up to code and he was a friend of a friend so we got it on the cheap, about half the rent as a decent apartment.

Looking at rentals around this area we can't really afford anyplace else so we're looking to change things up. We're really hoping for a position with housing included. We have a well behaved small dog and we recently took in a friend's small dog, we could give that one back if necessary.

Owning carnival games we're experienced with customers, selling, handling cash money, ordering stock, and basic accounting/record keeping. At our retail jobs we are both cashiers. I have spent many winters in RV resorts, I am actually a professional shuffleboard player and could be an activity director. My husband was injured at work so he can't currently lift heavy items but he is an excellent salesman and people person. We also both do well with animals. I don't know exactly what we're looking for but we're used to a strange lifestyle and are up for most anything. Thank you for your consideration.

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