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Marketing & Publicity Manager in Berkeley, California

Job Details

  • Date Posted: March 21, 2022
  • Location: Berkeley, California
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: Previous experience required

Company Contact

Please contact Wangmo Dixey at [email protected] with your resume.

  • Berkeley, California

Seeking a Marketing and Publicity Manager at Dharma College to help with our Development, Marketing, and Outreach

  • Developing a coherent long term marketing plan for our classes which can be executable with avolunteer teamDeveloping a volunteer internship on ways to execute the marketing strategy (Finding creative ways to outreach people in wellness, transformation, and spiritual types especially in the Bay Area to bring them to Dharma College classes)
  • Conference Planning: Fund-Raiser (Community outreach to existing students at least 1-2 times a year)
  • Social Media-Expertise in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (getting our social media up and running), Youtube channel
  • Should haveknowledge of graphic design with Adobe Indesign and Photoshop and even video editing for brochures, flyers and overall website look
  • Google ADs
  • Development campaign for raising funds for completion of the renovation.

This position is a live-in position with room and board in a comfortable single room in the heart of Downtown Berkeley. This is for someone who is committed to living in a spiritual community who wishes to live in a mindful way and at heart wishes to serve others through by bringing their professional expertise of marketing to expand and outreach these teachings into more mainstream and secular way. It is full time volunteer position

Mission Statement:

Dharma College: Wisdom in Community

Our community invites you to find a home here, a place of peace and caring. Whether you come to Dharma College to work, to take courses, or to attend a meeting or event, you will be surrounded by people who wish the world well. Our background in the Tibetan wisdom tradition, although it is expressed entirely in secular terms, encourages us to provide guidance in self-exploration, in uncovering the extraordinary potential of being containedwithin every one of us, and in discovering ways to live a more balanced, considerate, and fulfilling life. If you are interested, just ask. It’s why we’re here.

Our Values:

Caring for ourselves and others.

Bringing meaning and purpose into our lives and those of others.

Balancing work and life harmoniously for full transformation.

Please contact Wangmo Dixey at [email protected] with your resume.