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Kayak & Canoe Manager in Haines, Alaska

Job Details

  • Date Posted: March 17, 2022
  • Location: Haines, Alaska
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $3,400 / month + tips
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: Some experience required

Company Contact

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (907) 314-2553
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  • Haines, Alaska
  • $3,400 / month + tips

Kayak & Canoe Manager Job Description

TimeFrame: April 11th – September 4th


  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Wilderness First Responder or WEMT & CPR certifications.
  • ACA Kayak Instructor Certification.
  • Previous experience leading sea kayaking or canoeing tours and management experience.
  • Expert sea kayaking skills. Proficiency in performing various types of sea kayak rescues.
  • Previous experience teaching sea kayaking and other outdoor sport skills.
  • Basic kayak repair skills.
  • Basic word processing skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • CDL Class B with airbrakes and passenger endorsement. (Can also get this upon arrival)

Job Description:

AMG operates kayaking and canoeing tours for guests visiting Haines, Alaska both from cruise ships and independent travelers. The trips are held either in the ocean fjord or Chilkoot Lake. The Kayak & Canoe Manager manages this programming in conjunction with the Haines office staff. The Kayak & Canoe Manager is responsible for ensuring guest safety by making certain that guides adhere to all safety protocols and program procedures, and for overseeing the day-to-day “on-the-ground” operation of the tours and participating in all aspects of the programming. (Guiding, driving, dock repping, kayak maintenance, general maintenance, training, etc) The Kayak & Canoe Manager will also be able to guide some expedition trips once the guide staff is proficient with tour operations. This position will oversee a guiding staff of 20 – 30 guides, depending on the time of the summer.

The Kayak Site Manager works closely with administrative staff to ensure a smooth flow of communication between the office and on-site operations. Part-time office responsibilities and coverage is required for the position.

Job Duties:

  • Help the company to run safe, efficient, and high-quality tour programs.
  • Lead by example by portraying excellence in customer service.
  • Provide written weekly reports to the Haines Program Manager.
  • Responsible for being certain that all guides follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the Haines Guide Manual, Employee Manual and Emergency Response Manuals through delegation and direct management of the team.
  • Select and train the Assistant Kayak Site Manager in duties for that role. Be sure that the Assistant Kayak Site Manager can cover all duties while the Kayak Site Manager is guiding expedition trips or otherwise unavailable.
  • Lead or assist in leading program training. Training is generally 7 days but may be longer. Training will include policies and procedures, maintenance, and emergency response. Initial guide training is unpaid for the guides.
  • Time sheets and payroll –Review and approve hours for the program staff.
  • Time management and scheduling – perform a weekly scheduling consultation with the office staff and provide scheduling forecast input.
  • Must immediately address any performance or safety issues with guides as they occur.
  • Ensure that all safety talks are completed and filed correctly.
  • Ensure that all guides are portraying a professional image to guests and provide top level customer service.
  • In the case of an emergency, coordinate guides to ensure that procedures are accurately followed, and that communication is constant. Confirm that paperwork is correctly filled out and collected.
  • Ensure all emergency response equipment is correctly stationed, complete and up to date.
  • Relay to office which employees are progressing in skill development and at what rate.
  • Provide feedback for mid-season and final evaluations.Organize and verify completion of guide paperwork and waivers for each day.
  • Help create, modify, and strengthen systems associated with maintenance, guide performance and tour quality. Assist with modifications to program manuals on an as needed basis.
  • Identify program maintenance needs and report to the Haines Program Manager. Track maintenance on the kayaks.
  • Ensure daily vehicle and canoe motor inspections are being performed and documented and that the vehicle maintenance staff is aware of ongoing issues.
  • Identify lake scene maintenance needs and help coordinate with Haines Program Manager to staff and properly execute lake trail maintenance, dock upgrades, deck & campsite issues, etc.
  • Organize and manage season put-away of program equipment, including equipment inventory.
  • Other duties as dictated by daily needs.

For CDL Driving:

Must obtain and maintain a valid Class B CDL with Passenger and Airbrakes endorsements.

  • Must be willing to contribute to bus driving duties for these and other tours.
  • Pass FMCSA required pre-employment drug tests & screening.
  • Be enrolled in an FMCSA required random drug testing program.
  • Have and maintain a valid Medical Examiner’s Card.
  • Completion of AMG Haines Driver training program (minimum of 8 hours).


Alaska Mountain Guides Adventures (AMG) and its sister companies comply with all applicable federal laws regarding CDL drivers and CDL operations. FMCSA regulations and AMG’s own policies and procedures ensure that our guests will receive the highest quality tours possible in terms of bus transportation safety. As a result of federal regulations, each Haines CDL Driver will be required to participate in an approved random drug testing program and also be required to complete and maintain some paperwork in addition to the regular employee paperwork for all other employees.

Guide Professionalism

Alaska Mountain Guides employees represent the company whether they are paddling guests past a waterfall vista or sitting at a restaurant in Haines. AMG expects its employees to hold themselves to the highest standard of character at all times and to provide a leading example in the community for the type of behavior associated with a high quality guide service.

Mid-Season Operations

Early to mid-June through late August is the height of the cruise ship season. In this period employees may be required to work 40 plus hours per week. During the height of the season long periods of time off will likely not be able to be provided. This is the heart of the season and flexibility and dedication are required from the staff to meet the demand of our cruise ship operations and our other long trip programs.

Living Space and Rent Structure

Haines housing options consist of our employee campground. We have a few campers/RVs for senior staff and managers, and limited space for employees seeking to bring their own campervans/trailers/RVs, most 1st year staff camp in the wooded area encircling the campers/RV parking. The campground has (4) plumbed bathroom/shower units and a communal cooking area – due to the presence of bears in our area we prohibit cooking/food storage outside the communal cooking space. The campground is located on the same lot as our warehouse/office making the commute to work convenient for any staff planning to come to Alaska without a vehicle. The campground does not have laundry services, but there is a laundromat located within a short walk down the street. A guide room is located on the corner of the warehouse with access to company computers and WiFi.

Camping and/or vehicle housing at our warehouse yard in Haines is available on a case by case basis for a nominal fee. Guides must register with the office in advance. Space will be given on a first-come-first-served basis while taking into account seniority.

Our employees are also welcomed to pursue their own housing options in town.

Travel and Logistics

Employees are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Haines. AMG will assist wherever possible in helping outline necessary steps in travel plans. Please make arrangements with a few days on either end of the season for mishaps. Alaska weather can delay planes/ferries bound from Juneau or make driving conditions difficult or impassable.

Guide Program Equipment

Guides will be required to purchase a hard shell and softshell guide jacket for program use. AMG will provide t-shirts, nametags and a hat for free. Collectively these items will be referred to as the kayak guide kit.

The cost of the items that each employee is responsible for in the kayak guide kit will be deducted from guide wages.

Additional Job Responsibilities

Employees may be called on to participate in other Haines programs at any time. This may include but is not limited to: hiking tours, golf tours, gear truck driving, CDL bus driving for other tours, vehicle maintenance, general driving duties, food prep, gear maintenance, and overall operational support.

Employees may be called on to share driving responsibilities and potentially other part- time office duties. Driving is an important part of the program. While driving, guides will be expected to not only be safe and abide by all local, state and federal driving regulations but also to be entertaining for our guests. The drive to and from the trail is an opportunity to enhance the guest’s experience by providing interesting information about the town, its culture, the beautiful outdoors surrounding us, and other types of trips and programs that the guests can participate in the future with Alaska Mountain Guides.

The ability to be flexible with schedules and adapt to changes, sometimes with short notice, is a requirement and expectation of your employment.

Standard Dress and Professional Appearance

Alaska Mountain Guides requires guides to maintain a professional image at all times. As outlined in the Employee Manual, you will be issued guiding equipment and clothing that will be required to be worn at all times while working. The standard Haines uniform is your name tag, tucked in AMG uniform shirt and/or guide jacket. Personal pants will be neat and clean without stains, holes or other frayed areas. AMG requires staff to be clean with appropriate hygiene and professional appearance while working.