Housekeeping, Wrangler Trail Guide, Farm & Line Cooks, Retail, Dishwasher, Farm Hand, Maintenance in Mount Carmel, Utah

Job Details

  • Date Posted: March 20, 2022
  • Location: Mount Carmel, Utah
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: No experience required

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  • Mount Carmel, Utah

Working at Zion Mountain Ranch provides a beautiful rural setting to live and work in with multiple opportunities for Southern Utah outdoor recreation in your time off. Now hiring all seasonal positions.

If you are interested in year-round employment, we do have some year-round positionsopen.

A variety of positions are available, so let us know what suits you best! All will provide full-time hours plus either $2/day housing or RV hook-upsalong with our competitive pay starting from $10-$22/hour. Previous experience is not required, but positive personalities and strong work ethic are! In order to provide both guests and staff with the highest quality experience we can, we, in turn, require high standards in grooming and maintain a drug and alcohol abuse-free work and living environment.Zion Mountain Ranch maintains that vaccinations are a private matter.

These jobs are ideal if you like to spend your off-hours enjoying the many outdoor activities of Southern Utah. The ranch maintains high standards in personal grooming and actions. We are an illegal drug and alcohol abuse-free establishment. Applicant must be able to work some Sundays and most holidays.Positivity and the ability to get along with the other staff members and guests is vital to the integrity of the ranch.

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  • Depending on experience, pay starts around $12-$18/hour
  • Year round position or work until the end of the season (November).
  • Cleaning and minor maintenance of guest cabins.
  • Our guests dictate your job description somewhat, and for this reason, you must be willing to be flexible.
  • Cabins require the ability to work on uneven terrain, going up and downstairs, small hills, etc.
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently is necessary.
  • A cheerful and personable disposition to work closely with other housekeepers and supervisors.
  • Attention to detail is mandatory.
  • Willing to work most Sundays and Holidays, since these are our busier times.


  • Pay depends on experience. Starting around $10/hour
  • Must be willing to work until the end of the season (November)
  • Applicant must be comfortable speaking to people from all over the world
  • Able to learn about the different products and artists represented in the store and share that information with customers
  • Willing to do all types of cleaning throughout the store, cafe, and campground
  • Lift and stock merchandise as needed
  • Learn the POS system well so that transactions can process quickly
  • Take reservations for the campground as needed
  • Smile a lot! A positive attitude while working hard and in hectic conditions is required!

Line Cook:

  • Expand your understanding of how a functional farm-to-table restaurant operates on a day-to-day basis.
  • Opportunity to apply skills and techniques, and learn new ones, to help improve kitchen performance and overall quality of food production.
  • Gain experience through hands-on training of how each dish is prepared from start to finish.
  • Understand daily procedures of how to maintain a clean, efficient, and friendly kitchen environment.
  • Learn how to work in a fast-paced restaurant to provide quality food for guests from across the globe.
  • Experience one of southern Utah’s most exquisite guest resorts.

Farm Cook:

  • Create new menu items.
  • Experience cooking and working in a restaurant.
  • Familiar with creating items from gardens and creating fresh items is preferred.
  • Positive attitude and a passion for cooking.
  • A team leader.
  • Does well under stress and in a fast-paced restaurant while providing quality food for guests.
  • Reliable and willing to work through the season. Preferred to stay for longer.
  • Organized and open minded.
  • Maintain a clean, efficient and friendly kitchen environment.
  • improve kitchen performance and overall quality of food production.
  • Experience one of southern Utah’s most exquisite guest resorts.

Equestrian Trail Guide:

Over 30 horses, amongst other ranch animals. We provide authentic, rustic, and home-style experiences to guests from all over the world.

Wrangler Responsibilities:

  • Guiding guests on trail rides while upholding high standards of safety and customer service
  • Maintaining the welfare of all ranch animals, which include horses, bison, dogs, chickens, and rabbits.
  • Tending fence lines, animal enclosures, barn areas, etc.
  • Abilities to work alone and on a team

Wrangler In Detail:
A Zion Mountain Ranch Wrangler should be inherently hard working with an honest work ethic, have a natural tendency to be guest-oriented, and enjoy working outdoors with animals. Wranglers have attention to detail, are safety focused, and are willing to go above and beyond normal job duties in order to provide guests and co-workers with positive interactions. Wranglers lead guests on 1, 2, & 4 hour scenic trail rides of various terrain in all weather types, so guides are expected to have at least a novice level skill set in horseback riding. Wranglers are capable of lifting small hay bales (50-80lbs) and grain bags (50 lbs), manual labor such as
tending wood & barbed wire fence lines, lifting saddles onto horse’s backs, and being outdoors all day. The work week usually consists of 3 or 4 full days on and 3 or 4 full days off. Work schedule is flexible and varies based on the needs of the guests, but is consistent in hours and days off.

Pay Info:
Hourly rate of $10, which includes $2/day employee housing and employee lunch while working.
Housing ranges from an RV trailer, a shared cabin with a roommate, or a motel-style room about 10 miles off property. RV hook ups for personal trailers are available.
Wranglers who create strong customer experiences receive tips that average at least $20 a ride per group.

Required to Apply:
A resume describing the applicant’s equine & customer service experience. Recent (within the last 6 months) photos and/or videos of the applicant horseback riding, References.

Farm Hand

Our farm needs your experienced! We are in need of an immediate farm hand to help our farm manager plan and execute our boutique garden that feeds our farm-to-table restaurant, Cordwood. This position includes helping with planning, planting, irrigation, pruning, organic pest control, weeding, tractor work, harvesting, and other various farm jobs.


Pay depends on experience. Around $15-25/hour.

  • Dependable
  • Preferred experience with how to frame, finish work, tile, or rock work.
  • Willing to work full days.
  • Year-round position.
  • Quality work as a priority.
  • Tasks include: Working in a team or individually on building cabins.
  • Maintenance experience.

Hotel Maintenance:

Would be responsible for maintaining the physical functionality and safety of the Ranch Cabins, Cordwood Restaurant, Out Buildings, and Ranch Property in a continuing effort to deliver outstanding guest service and financial profitability. The ideal candidate is a self-motivated, self-leading, and self-sufficient. Specifically, you would be responsible for performing the following tasks to the highest standards:

  • Starts around $15-$18/hour depending on experience.
  • Maintain the physical functionality and safety of the facility including, but not limited to, guest cabins, public space, restaurant, and heart-of-the-house areas.
  • Respond to guest calls and team member work orders in a timely, friendly and efficient manner to assess and repair non-functioning machinery and/or equipment.
  • Perform a variety of repair and maintenance tasks including, but not limited to carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting, HVAC
  • Conduct inspections for preventive maintenance needs
  • Record and report completed repairs and items that require further attention


  • Basic electrical and plumbing skills including drain cleaning.
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical systems.
  • Maintain all guestroom and public space equipment (to include, but not limited to the following)
  • Change filters
  • Clean A/C coils
  • Replace caulk
  • Grout
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Repair drapery tracks/curtain rods/blinds/screens/windows
  • Replace batteries TV/HVAC/Fireplace
  • Unclog toilets, tubs, sinks, and drains
  • Touch-up paint
  • Operates, examines, and dismantles equipment to diagnose the cause of the malfunction
  • Schedule, communicate and execute preventative maintenance
  • Replaces components, such as bearings, motors, and micro-switches
  • Maintain proper functioning of all equipment and tools
  • Assist other maintenance staff on special projects as directed by management
  • Performs all reasonable tasks and requests asked by management or ownership

Guest Experience Ambassador:

  • Employment Start Dates (opportunity to extend employment in the off season): – May 1 (flexible)
  • Starting Salary (salary includes employee housing & meals): $12 hour

The Guest Experience Ambassador (GEA) interacts with guests on the ranch’s lawn, garden, & bonfire area and encourages guest involvement in various animal and lawn activities. The GEA answers a variety of guests’ questions regarding the ranch, Zion National Park, and other local national & state parks. A successful GEA continuously creates meaningful and authentic experiences and interactions for guests of all ages. Responsibilities include setting up lawn game activities, starting the evening bonfire, basic small animal husbandry, and maintaining high levels of customer service.

Skills Required:

  • Customer service mindset with a positive attitude
  • Basic animal husbandry
  • “Tour Guide” experience / mentality
  • Basic landscape / farming knowledge
  • Starting & maintaining bonfire
  • Self starter
  • Organization

Duties Include, but not limited to:

  • Engaging guests of all ages with the ranch in various aspects
  • Educating guests on how to safely be around the animals (body language, grooming,handling, etc.)
  • Handling mini horses and educating / encouraging guests to groom, interact, and leadthem around the lawn
  • Providing food for ducks & chickens for guests to feed
  • Take guests to chicken coop to feed & collect eggs / observe brooding hens
  • Encouraging guests to groom & interact ranch dogs, while educating guests on thebreed and what their role on the ranch is
  • Starting nightly bonfire (including guests in the process)
  • Teaching guests how to chop wood for fire
  • Showing guests how to brand wood & leather pieces
  • Making sure lawn games are set up properly and put away at end of night
  • Basic maintenance of lawn area, including garden, animal enclosures, landscaping(irrigation, fence line, gopher control), trash control, etc.

Ample opportunity to create new experiences & activities and make the job uniquelyfulfilling, including working in other departments on the ranch.

Front Desk

  • Full time, Year around position needed as well as short term. Starts around $13/hour depending on experience.
  • Tasks will include taking reservations & working with the reservation program, greeting and helping guests, and store clerking.
  • Our guests dictate your job description somewhat, and for this reason, applicants must be willing to be flexible.
  • Knowledge of Southern Utah is helpful since guests ask many questions, but not required if you are a quick learner.
  • Ability to work in hectic conditions is necessary.
  • Education and/or experience in the hospitality industry would be helpful.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail is mandatory.
  • Must be willing to work holidays and weekends.