Housekeeper/Kitchen Help in Sasabe, AZ

Job Details

  • Date Posted: December 18, 2022
  • Location: Sasabe, Arizona
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: No experience required

Company Contact

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (520) 365-0305

Please email your resume to [email protected] to apply.

  • Sasabe, Arizona

We’re looking for individuals immediately available to work at Rancho de la Osa as live-in housekeeping staff. The ranch is located in Sasabe, AZ, an hour and a half Southwest of Tucson. We’re looking for hardworking new members of our housekeeping staff to help with cleaning guest cabins/rooms and common areas and assist in the kitchen and with serving meals. We are a small staff looking for someone who will be a team player and able to step in where needed.

Duties Include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning and servicing guest rooms
  • Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning
  • Cleaning of common areas (Hacienda/Cantina, office, pool area)
  • Laundry and maintenance of laundry room
  • Preparation of dining areas for meals
  • Meal Service and clearing tables after meals
  • Assist with meal prep as needed
  • Wash dishes as needed


  • Ability to follow instructions in English
  • Spanish-speaking a plus
  • Ability to plan work in order of importance for guest arrivals/meal times
  • Ability to adjust to last-minute changes
  • Attention to detail

Meals included. Housing available.

The historic ranches in the True Ranch Collection are unique and authentic guest ranches in some of the West’s best country. Rancho de la Osa is Arizona’s most historic ranch and is located along the U.S.-Mexico border in the high desert grasslands of Southern Arizona. Just an hour and a half outside of Tucson.


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Please email your resume to [email protected] to apply.