Executive Chef in Sutton, AK

Job Details

  • Date Posted: October 24, 2022
  • Location: Sutton, Alaska
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: Previous experience required

Company Contact

  • Sutton, Alaska

Company Profile:

Majestic Heli Ski is a world-class helicopter skiing company based in Sutton, Alaska at the Majestic Valley Wilderness Lodge. Majestic Heli Ski operates in the Northern Chugach Mountains (and Talkeetna Mountains) of Alaska. We are a small, tight-knit company accommodating up to 24 guests per week with a staff of 22-25 and two helicopters (AStar). We offer all-inclusive multi-day trips, private trips, and day skiing in February, March, and April. Our mission is to provide the highest quality all-inclusive personalized heli ski vacation to our guests. Helicopter skiing is a high dollar and high value and we provide five-star service, meals, accommodations, and world-class skiing.

Job Description:

Seeking an EXECUTIVE CHEF with a solid culinary background and multiple years of fine dining experience. Long hours and high standards are required. Leadership, teamwork, cleanliness, time management, and no drama essential. The candidate must be professional, creative, energetic, even-tempered, and enthusiastic about food and service to the guests as well as the staff.

The EXECUTIVE CHEF at Majestic Heli Ski will manage three other chefs (breakfast, lunch, and sous) and should expect to work in all areas of purchasing, meal planning (both for guests and staff), shopping, preparation, presentation, cooking, and serving. Your schedule will be dependent upon the number of guests booked in any given week, but a 40+ hour work week with a flexible schedule will be required.

Other requirements of the position include, but are not limited to:

  • Willingness to accept tasks from managers without hesitation
  • Having a positive, friendly attitude
  • Being highly motivated and able to work well both individually and with other team members
  • Willingness to work flexible hours and help with tasks outside the normal job description as needed
  • Being on time and dressed appropriately in company uniform/attire
  • Must obtain Alaska Food Manager and Bar Server Card


The expected start date will be on or around February 1, 2023, and the end date on or around May 3, 2023.   You will be required to work 6 days a week or as needed. Hours/time of day will vary depending on the number of guests and guest/staff needs. We will, however, ensure that you have the appropriate leisure time for your personal and professional benefit.  A more detailed schedule will be determined once you arrive at Majestic.

Other Benefits:

  • Free food and lodging are provided while seasonally employed
  • Worker’s Compensation coverage while seasonally employed
  • Heli skiing! When there are open seats in the helicopter we always do our best to allow staff to fill those seats. A second guide is the first priority, then all other staff. You must be a strong intermediate skier/boarder and complete safety training in order to heli ski (same as our guests). Helicopter scenic rides are possible as well (situation dependent).
  • Cross-country ski trails out the front door. We have skis, boots, and poles.
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Internet, satellite tv, laundry, and all other amenities at the lodge
  • Access to pro forms
  • Lodge uniform provided-logoed jackets, shirts, fleece, hats, etc.

Most important to Majestic is that you are humble, have a good attitude, get along well with the other staff and guests, a team player, and do your part in ensuring that our guests have the best experience possible.