Dog Sledding Adventure Guide/Trail Groomer in Mc Millan, MI

Job Details

  • Date Posted: October 23, 2022
  • Location: Mc Millan, Michigan
  • Salary: $7,500 / season + tips
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: No experience required

Company Contact

  • Mc Millan, Michigan
  • $7,500 / season + tips

Seeking Dog Sledding Adventure Guide/Trail Grooming/Maintenance position for Sled Dog Tours in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula. 

We are looking to fill a guiding/trail maintenance and grooming position at the Midwest’s premier dog sledding kennel. Each winter we employ seven full-time staff to work with our kennel of 160 sled dogs. This position will include some guiding of tours and also some trail maintenance, general maintenance of kennel equipment, and snow blowing. Experience driving a snowmobile, or tractor and using power tools is a plus. We expect professionalism in all that we do and hold our staff and our dog care to the highest of standards.

We have been in business for over twenty years and receive many repeat guests and have many returning staff.  Please know that you are applying for a position in an area of the country that receives a LOT of snow. Be honest with yourself that you can thrive in a winter environment.

The start date is anytime now through November 1st. The end date is May 1st, 2023.  We have begun training the dogs for the upcoming season and we need ample time for you to learn how to train the dogs, bond with each individual dog, learn the trails and prepare for tours.  Generally, tour season begins December 1st.

Housing and meals are provided in addition to a monthly stipend and pay for tours. Staff receives one day off per week.  This is far more than a job…it’s a lifestyle…hours are long, and days are long, but the experience is amazing.

Please note: Applicant must be a US citizen and reside in the US.  

Duties include such things as:

  • Leading half-day, full-day, and overnight dog sledding adventure tours with 1-12 guests.
  • Planning and preparation for dog sledding tours.
  • Completing tour trip reports.
  • Cleanup and repair of equipment
  • Providing guests with orientation/instruction on sled driving and safety.
  • Maintaining the safety of all clients and dogs on tours.
  • Completing maintenance and repair of gear, winter camp, kennel, buildings, etc. as needed throughout the fall, winter, and spring.
  • Completing daily care, cleanup, and monitoring of dogs to Nature’s Kennel highest standards.
  • Participating in pre-season setup and post-season cleanup.
  • Committing to knowing the dogs before tour season-being comfortable and having a strong bond with your team makes working with them easier throughout the season and is expected before guiding tours.
  • Creating a fun experience for guests.
  • Training/running dogs with a four-wheeler (fall/spring) and sleds (winter).
  • Working outdoors in rain or shine 8-12 hours a day outside, 6 days a week.

You’ll be living and working with a staff of seven guides and a kennel manager.  Kennel owners are also involved with daily operations and training.  We have many returning staff members from previous seasons as well as many returning guests.

Housing: Nature’s Kennel is located off-grid. Housing is clean, comfortable, and bunk style with 2-4 people per room and a shared common area. Meals are family style or on your own in the main building which has power and running water. We do not provide food/meals for specialty diets (organic/gluten-free). You must be comfortable with communal living and are expected to share house duties and upkeep. Please note we are a dry camp–no alcohol or drugs allowed on the property and NO SMOKING.  There is limited cell and internet service, be prepared to be “unplugged”.

Compensation: Housing and meals are provided along with a $350/month stipend + paid per dog sled tour which is approximately $600-$1200/month from December through March. Average take-home pay is approximately $5000-$6000 per season, which does not include tips.  Guides receive generous tips from guests, which are yours to keep and average about $4000 per season. There is no charge for housing or utilities and food is provided.


  • Must be a clean and tidy person.  This is especially important as we require staff to keep up with current standards to prevent the spread of COVID and other illnesses.  If you do not consider yourself a clean person, do not apply.
  • Self-motivating, can-do, positive attitude, resourceful, organized, and energetic.
  • Must have attention to detail regarding record keeping.

Must have love and respect for both dogs and the winter wilderness environment. Can lift and carry 40-70 lbs.  Must be able to work in a remote environment (without unlimited access to cell phone/internet). Must be able to work well in a team and possess solid interpersonal skills. Must be able to lead and entertain a group of guests. Must be able to adapt to changing conditions due to weather, guests, dogs, and trails.

Experience leading wilderness trips is a plus but not required. The ability to operate a tractor, snowmobile, ATV, and other power tools is a plus, but not required. Onsite training will be done after hire.

You can get more insight into our operation on our Nature’s Kennel Facebook page.