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MicroConf & TinySeed.

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Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
August 5, 2021
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs


Our company operates two brands:

1. MicroConf is the largest online and in-person community for founders of bootstrapped software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.
2. TinySeed is a startup accelerator that provides funding, mentorship, and guidance to bootstrapped SaaS founders.

We are looking for someone to join our small, fast-moving team as a Community Manager, responsible for advancing both brands through:

  • Community cultivation, development & moderation
  • Email, content, and social media marketing
  • Customer and community support management
  • Additional special projects

What’s different about this job?

We achieve surprising results with a small team of folks who have an impact on a large number of ambitious software entrepreneurs.

Under the direction of MicroConf’s Event Director and TinySeed’s Program Director, you will support, nurture and grow our two separate, but intertwined, communities of founders.

You will be responsible for various administrative duties, online Slack community moderation and engagement, email and blog communication with founders fielding mentorship requests, onboarding new founders, social media, and more.


  • ???? 5+ Years of Experience
  • ✈️ Occasional In-Person Gatherings
  • ???? Work directly with the Founder, Program Director, and Event Director
  • ???? Based in the US (preferred), Canada, South America, or Western Europe

For more info, and to apply, visit link below:

Apply via link

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