Bus Driver in Steamboat Springs, CO

Job Details

  • Date Posted: October 22, 2022
  • Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Salary: $21.34 - $22.34 / hour
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: No experience required

Company Contact

  • Website: http://www.steamboatsprings.net
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (970) 879-3717
  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • $21.34 - $22.34 / hour

Live Work, and Play in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this Winter Ski Season.

Steamboat Springs is a world-class winter destination nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains along the Yampa River. Known for its champagne powder snow and beautiful lines, Steamboat Resort attracts visitors from all around the world. You will find Steamboat Springs Transit diligently moving people to where they need to be throughout this vibrant community.

Seasonal Entry Level – Winter Seasonal City Transit Bus Driver

Steamboat Springs Transit is looking to fill bus driver positions paid at $21.34 an hour for the upcoming winter ski season with safe and reliable drivers. 

If you do not already have the required CDL license, the process begins with our paid training class which will begin on October 26, 2022.  The 4-week, 160-hour training class is designed to help anyone obtain their Colorado CDL Class B driver’s license as well as learn everything they need to have a successful season of city bus driving.  We will pay you $18.84/hour to attend the CDL training class.  Once you successfully obtain your CDL and pass the training class, you will be promoted to the seasonal bus driver and earn $21.34/hour for the remainder of the winter season.

Applicants who currently hold an eligible Class B CDL with passenger endorsement and air brakes restriction removed are eligible to test out of the Entry-Level Driver Training. Upon successful completion of the test, candidates will start at the winter seasonal driver pay rate of $21.34/hour. All applicants regardless of licensing status will be required to attend SST operations training. All drivers interested in testing out of ELDT must complete their test by October 24th, 2022.

Steamboat Springs Transit offers the following bonuses:

  1. $350 early sign-on bonus for those who sign up before October 1, 2022.
  2. An extra dollar per hour is earned during all shifts that run significantly past midnight.
  3. End-of-season bonuses are based on the number of hours you work throughout the winter ski season, from start to finish.  The bonus for completing at least 500 hours is $1,000, for completing at least 750 hours is $1,500, and for completing at least 1,000 hours is $2,000.

The typical working week is a minimum of 37 hours spread over four to five days. Shift schedules are bid on a seniority system based on hours worked or scores earned during the training class. Bus services start at 5:00 AM and can run as late as 4:00 AM., seven days a week.

Our bus drivers are responsible for safely operating a public transportation bus and transporting passengers on a prescribed route, on time, and in accordance with local, state, and federal standards.  Our drivers must practice safe defensive driving techniques, be knowledgeable of the area, provide guests with schedule & route information, assist disabled guests on and off the bus, and complete reports of all accidents, damage, or incidents.  Our bus drivers will also be assigned to bus-wash duties as part of their normal working shifts.

Successful applicants will need to have…

  • An acceptable driving record, with no alcohol- or drug-related convictions in the last 7 years.
  • A current valid driver’s license.
  • A clean background check.
  • An ability to commit to the entire season: mid-October to mid-April.
  • The ability to pass all DOT CDL requirements including medical screening, random drug testing, and licensing requirements.

Subsidized employee housing will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis and rental rates may vary.  All city of Steamboat Springs employees has free access to Howelsen Hill Ski Area & Ice Rink.

Wages/Pay: $21.34 per hour