Backpacking Instructor in Midpines, CA

Job Details

  • Date Posted: October 24, 2022
  • Location: Midpines, California
  • Salary: $124 / day
  • Housing Offered: Yes
  • Experience: Some experience required

Company Contact

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (415) 933-6222
  • Midpines, California
  • $124 / day

Alpine Backpacking Instructors work on a seasonal basis under the supervision of Lead Instructors or Course Directors. They supervise, teach, and facilitate meaningful experiences for students in a backcountry context. High Sierra courses include backpacking and/or rock climbing. Instructors in the High Sierra program deliver a variety of programs, ranging from 4-65 days in areas like the Sierra National Forest, Yosemite National Park, and Sequoia National Park. These programs and expeditions focus on leadership, service, and character development, and take students into new and challenging outdoor environments.

Our program season in the High Sierra runs from late April to early May with the potential of work extending into September. Our Joshua Tree program begins mid-October and runs through early April.

OBCA is committed to increasing access for those that have traditionally been excluded from outdoor spaces. We are also committed to reflecting the diverse communities with whom we work and strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQ+ identifying folks, and women to apply.