Get the job! Follow these steps to ensure you get the seasonal job you want

Summers are a favorite time for a lot of people. The climate is warm, days are longer, and school stress is far away. There are plenty of seasonal jobs to help students make some cash and gain experience. Besides, summer jobs are an attractive opportunity for even teachers if they don’t mind working during the summer break.  

While there can be different summer jobs, the most lucrative ones are in hotels, resorts, and camps. Front desk operations, housekeeping, and cooking/ waiting jobs are equally enticing.  

Also, as COVID restrictions are loosening, seasonal work is gaining traction. If you’re considering working during your summer break, here are some tips to help you get started. 

Determine your job goals  

  • Define your goals for the summer job 
  • Navigate options according to your preferences 
  • Focus on what suits your experience, personality, and needs  

Put the word out  

  • Use your contacts to gain leads 
  • Check in with friends who got a job 
  • Tell your parents, siblings, teachers, counselors, and friends   
  • Touch base with former bosses, if any 

Refine your search  

  • Narrow your options based on location, wages, position, and experience 
  • Begin your search early on, or you can be left behind 
  • Being flexible makes you a compelling candidate 

Get your summer job resume ready  

  • Start with a cover letter 
  • Summarize your credentials and intentions 
  • Enlist your skills and qualifications  
  • Add any activities or coursework relevant to the job 
  • Briefly mention your experience 
  • Use a professional email address 
  • Keep it short and straight 
  • Exhibit your reliability  
  • Proofread twice 
  • Act fast 

Be authentic  

  • Be true to yourself to find a worthy job 
  • Don’t apply to every opening you see 
  • Don’t exaggerate the skills you possess 
  • Be honest in all your conversations  
  • Don’t overcommit  
  • Communicate your schedule before accepting an offer  
  • Try to earn the referral for next season 

Despite a pause in seasonal employment due to the pandemic, jobs for students and other job seekers are blowing up. Although a temporary gig, summer jobs are an excellent start for your career, plus you earn extra bucks while utilizing your free time.  

But, finding seasonal work can be challenging and time-consuming. Before applying for any job, ensure the time you can commit and the experience needed for the kind of job you seek. Making your intentions clear will help narrow your options and get you the best deal.  

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