About Us

We’re the humble owners of CoolJobs.com, and while we acquired & re-launched the site in March of 2020, its history & footprint dates back to 1996. Here’s a snapshot from our early days (via Archive.org):

Over the years, the site’s focus has always remained consistent: to serve as a central repository of cool job opportunities around the globe. And we continue that mission today.

Unique jobs. Fulfilling jobs. Jobs that focus on impact rather than income. Jobs that create lifetime memories. That’s what we were chasing when we left college years ago, and in many ways, it’s what we’re still chasing today.

We’re humbled to take the reigns on this wonderful opportunity, to share unique employment opportunities off the beaten path. Opportunities that focus on purpose rather than profit. In inspiring places. In fulfilling vocations. Ultimately, jobs that are just . . . cool.

Thanks for visiting. There’s a lot more to come. We’re quite excited.

Best Regards,

– Peter Askew

Sloane, Peter, Sara

And a warm thank you to Jill Lynn Design & Development for all their input & guidance developing this site – it’s been invaluable.

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